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Bubble film & accessories




Film is used for insulating greenhouses and tunnel films.folia babelkowa
It efficiently prevents plants from freezing during cool periods.
Insulation that is properly made allows to reduce heat losses up to 30%, induces quicker plants' growth and increases crops.


We recommend using the film since autumn till spring. It is stabilized for 1 year.


Number of layers: 3, air bubles are middle layer 
Width: rolls 1.3 m
Length: rolls 60 mb


We carry out orders for more than 10 rolls.



Advantages of bubble film montage clips

  • Quick assembly,
  • Comfort while montage bubble film,
  • Durable mounting, keeping the film by the glass,
  • Clips made of highly-stabilized, durable material


Clips' types



Sticking clip

Clips for thermo-insulating film montage directly to the glass. Recommended for faicilities, where glass is firmly assembled by silicone and for facilities in good technical condition.
We also offer silicone recommended by clips manufactirer.


The fixed part with a pin should be glued with silicone to a glass, while film should be put in place by puncturing it and screwing with the remaining element of the clips.



klipsnabijanyClip with metal mounting on greenhouse's sashes


Clip for mounting thermo-inulating film, fixed on to sashes. 
Recommended for facilities in not to good technical condition or in case when glass is fixed in a traditional manner- with use of glaziers' putty.


Metal part should be sticked onto sash; mounting of a film itself- as for sticking clips.



klipsvenloMickey clip

Clip dedicated to modern Venlo greenhouses.


Clip to be slid with a film vertically into a sash and twisted towards horizontal position, blocking the film at the same time.