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Film and glass repair tapes

Please check out our offer for film repair tapes produced by: German TESA, Japanese NITTO DENKO, our own brand GEO and Polish Marma.

All our tapes are TRANSPARENT.

Take a look at our tips on proper tape selection and directions for use (Tips tab).



GEO 50 and GEO 100
Taśma GEORolls:  5cm x 25m and 10cm x 25m
The most attractive tape when it comes to quality and price. 
A strong tape on PE liner, with excellent glue which does not damage the film. Repair will withstand, in practice, 1-2 years (the manufacturer specifies stabilization for 180 days).
It is suitable for glass repair, however in this case we recommend to use the 4169 tape.


Tape PRO 140
Taśma PRORoll:  14cm x 10m
Large width tape. Exceptionally durable glue (due to that tape is glued to the paper and not typically tape-tape) makes it a perfect choice for older films repair.
Thanks to high elasticity it is recommended for older double pumped films repair.
Repair withstands 1-2 years.
It is not suitable for glass repair.



Tesa 4169
Taśma TESA 4169Roll:  10cm x 33m
Of the highest quality, super-strong tape, with an excellent glue that doesn' damage the film.
Repair withstands 2-3, in some cases even 5-6 years.
It is a great choice for glass repair.






This tape is used for steel constructions protection.Taśma do zabezpieczania konstrukcji
It is recommended especially for facilities in poor technical condition (sharp edges, weld seams, rust, damage). Increases gardening film lifespan significantly, reducing wind chafting or tearing.


Directions for use
Clean the construction from rust, paint with primer and paint for outdoors. Apply the tape at the contact area between the film and construction.


Rolls: 3cm x 20m,  4cm x 20m,  5cm x 20m