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Use of repair tapes



Clean the film or glass in the damaged area with denaturated alcohol.


Depending on the type of damage:

  • cut: drag the film, if possible, to minimise the cut area and seal on both sides with the tape
  • torn: cut off stretched parts of the film with scissors ('frill' on the edges), so the surface to be repaired is straight. Seal with the tape on both sides.
  • broken glass (suggested tape TESA 4169): smooth the surface and carefully stick a tape along the crack on both sides. Glass can be additionally reinforced by sticking the tape also diagonally.



On the basis of our own experience we would like to suggest a purchase of a tape dedicated to particular range of repair works and expected results.


Repair of new films damaged during assembling


Damages in easy to reach areas

Depending on a size of damage we recommend purchase of GEO 50, GEO 100 or PRO 140 tapes.

Low cost, high quality glue and future amendments possibility (for example in a year or two) make those tapes a good choice for quick, small repairs.


Damages in difficult to reach areas and in key areas

We recommend the TESA 4169 (longest lifespan) or PRO 140 tapes.

Tesa 4169 is an expensive tape but of the highest quality.

It guarantees possibly the longest time without further issues with the damage.

Additionally its large width and exceptional mechanical resistance minimise the risk of secondary damages caused by stresses.



Repair of old films


Small damages and in easy to reach areas

We recommend GEO 50 tape

Low cost and high quality glue are what make this tape a perfect choice for quick, small repairs.


Bigger damages and in key areas

We recommend tapes: GEO 100 or PRO 140.

Tapes' widths and their reasonable price make them a perfect solution for short time fixes for even broad damages of films.



Repair of old films during winter and early spring


In certain occasions the repair must endure till we are able to replace the film.

In such a case, taking into consideration potential loss if the damage increases, we suggest to make a repair with use of the best tape available from Geo Polska - TESA 4169