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Chemicals for films and glass

We offer dedicated chemicals that support and allow easier work with gardening films.





We offer washing agent for washing films on gardening tunnel.

It is in a concentrated form.



The agent washes out smoky and atmospheric residues, rust, sulphur based residues etc.



Concentrate must be diluted: 2 L of SUNFOL + 10 L of water


Washing solution should be prepared in plastic container.

You should apply the washing solution very carefully with a spray bottle on washed surface.

Rinse the surface with a strong water-jet after 15 minutes from application.


Packaging: 20l

Efficiency: 500-1000m2 of film



Since the exposure time is long, it is the best to do the work during cloudy and non windy day in order to avoid drying.

You may need to use a brush for more stubborn dirt. 

The agent is inert for plastics.



Agent contains hydrofluoric acid.
R26/27/28 – very toxic through inhalation, through the skin or by ingestion.
R35 - causes severe burns
S1/2 - keep locked out and out of reach of children
S24/25 - avoid skin contact, take off immediately all contaminated clothing and wash immediately with plenty of water
S36/37/39 - wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
S45 - in case of accident or if you feel unwell, immediately seek medical advice.






Non-toxic specimen, which amends the process of condensation on greenhouse films and glass.

After using ANTYDROP water from the condensation process does not hang in a form of drops on film or glass, but creates a thin layer that flows towards the walls on down the walls to the ground.




increased amount of light available for plants (even of 17%)

increased amount of energy reaching the inside of a facility, reducing heating costs

reduced plants' susceptibility to infections (e.g. noble rot)

reduced mechanical damage of plants by falling water droplets

• it is antistatic, it reduces susceptibility of a film or glass to dirt


high efficiency: 500-1000m2

long-term action: 2 - 5 years




Greenhouse film

1 l of ANTYDROP + 100 l of water (preferably distilled or rainwater)
(on dirty or damp film 50 l of water)


1 l of ANTYDROP + 50 l of water (preferably distilled or rainwater)


Ready solution should be sprayed over the film or glass straight after diluting.

Do not store diluted solution.

Do not allow foaming in a spray-bottle.
Spray from down to up, covering the whole area of film or glass.

Areas that were omitted can be sprayed later.


Works should be carried out during the dry and warm day, in order to allow the fastest possible drying of an agent.

It can be sprayed over a dry film or glass (recommended) as well as damp (lower effectiveness of an agent).

You can repeat the procedure to achieve better results.


It is non-toxic, however while carrying the works we recommend you to cover the cultivation with energy screen or another protection of plants (especially vulnerable to spraying is poinsettia).

In case when cultivation gets sprayed over, it must be flushed with water.

An agent can be used for new film/glass as well as for facilities already in use.

Surfaces covered should be clean, if possible.


Packaging: 1l