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Mushroom house film vs. silage film

You can find many films marked as mushroom house films or silage/mushroom house on a Polish market.


Our product, though looks similar and its application is alike, is totally different from previous offer.


High stabilization, lack of any milling and an excellent mechanical resistance are requirements that must be fulfilled for facilities covering films.

There are no such high standards for silage films, that are used mainly as a support for feed's storing and ensiling (requirements must differ in this case).


Our mushroom house film is an equivalent of tunnel film and meets all requirements for gardening films- both, mechanical resistance as well as stabilization.


That characteristics have of course an influence on product's price, however thanks to that we can offer a high quality product for our demanding Clients both, when it comes to expected replacement time and light parameters (proper light reflection that allows cost savings due to lower energy consumption for objects' cooling).