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Films for asparagus production

Geo Polska provides Polish market with asparagus films since 2007.



We offer films produced by two companies:


  • DAIOS PLASTICS - one of quality leaders on European market, often used by demanding German clients. Daios Plastics is a leading producer of asparagus films with T- pockets system.
  • ACHAIKA PLASTICS - company that offers interesting patented solutions such as X- pockets system.


We import asparagus films most often on clients' request (to allow the highest flexibility when it comes to choosing appropriate width and type of the film).


Final price for all asparagus film orders contains shipping costs to the client.

We book delivery for particular date.


Based on our experience from previous years we recommend you to place requests for proposal between beginning of February and the half of March.

In that period prices are most often very attractive.



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