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Geo Asparagus Black film

GEO ASPARAGUS BLACK asparagus film is a PE film.
During the production mainly conditions of asparagus cultivation in Europe were taken into account.


Depending on availability and current offer, you may chose from films produced by Daios Plastics or Achaika Plastics.






This is a multi-seasonal film, which should be removed at the end of each cultivation cycle and safely stored to be used again in the next cycle.


This film is 3-layered, made of the highest quality materials.


It has specially shaped pockets on both sides (T-pocket or X-pocket system).


Film can be easily removed to allow harvesting, weed control and field preparation.


Complete impermeability of a film ensures an excellent asparagus quality, providing at the same time proper soil humidity and exceptional weed elimination.




uprawa pomidorów oraz uprawa ogórków Film is used for the second cultivation cycle, just after full activation of the cultivation thanks to GEO THERMIC film.


Film ensures weeds elimination and proper humidity while higher temperature of a ground, caused by solar radiation absorption, speeds up asparagus harvesting.

Film must be removed during very hot days or when you want to reduce the harvesting rate.


Disadvantage of this type of film comparing to black and white film is lack of possibility of ground cooling.





Dimensions: width 1.4-2.2m. Other dimensions available on request.
Thickness: 65 and recommended 80 microns
Stabilization: minimum 8 seasons




We can provide you with pricing once the width is decided on; please call us at: 0048 606 38 58 33