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Geo Asparagus Thermic film

GEO ASPARAGUS THERMIC asparagus film is a transparent PE film with thermal effect.

You can chose, depending on availability and current offer, from film produced by Daios Plastics or Achaika Plastics.


There are specially shaped pockets on both sides of the film (T-pocket or X-pocket systems).
Film can be easily removed for harvesting, weed control and field preparation.



Thanks to special additives (e.g. the one that enables thermal effect: EVA) film allows to maintain overnight the heat absorbed by the soil during the day, reducing this way the temperature differences and protecting the cultivation from weather conditions.
Thanks to usage of raw material containing EVA additive we can achieve the temperature higher during the night of additional 2-5°C comparing to field covered with a standard transparent film. It allows even better conditions for asparagus cultivation and accelerated harvest.



The film is perfect for first cultivation cycle. 
It is being placed mainly during winter months.


It can be applied for both flat covering as well as for low tunnels and over banks.
Partial cultivation control can be performed by uncovering of banks during night or even during the day.


Early spring the film is being removed and replaced with GEO ASPARAGUS BLACK AND WHITE asparagus film or GEO ASPARAGUS BLACK.

The reason for replacement is the need to improve the quality what should result in increase of farm's income.

Using of GEO asparagus film reduce time of harvesting and labour costs during harvesting.




Dimensions: width 1.4-2.2m. Other dimensions available on request.
Film's thickness: 50 microns
Stabilization: minimum 2 seasons




Precise pricing after the width is defined on request, please call us at (0048) 606 38 58 33