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T-Pocket system


Daios PlasticsTogether with our Greek partner DAIOS PLASTICS we are pleased to present you valued in the whole Europe specialized asparagus films system - T-pocket.


Daios Plastics is one of the most innovative Greek companies offering specialist films for various cultivations.

Company has many patents and solutions that increase usefulness of each of their products (over 20 patents in UE, couple of worldwide).


Daios Plastics films have a very good reputation among asparagus producers, are recognized for highest quality materials used for production and long service life comparing to alternative solutions.




Stabilizing pockets system
Pockets' spacing: 37.5 cm or 75cm
Drainage hole diameter 4mm
Pockets' height: approx. 12cm





•Longitudinal seals are finished with reinforcements to protect film from mechanical damage during filling up the pockets.


•All seals are produced during one continuous process that with a very strict quality control.  Thanks to that there is a very limited probability of overheating, wholes or other defects.


• The whole system is made of the highest quality materials, ensuring exceptional strength and wind resistance, as well as large day-night temperature differences.


• System is very useful for mechanised unfolding.


• System is very popular and often rebranded by producers from Germany and Holland.