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Double PE film assembly

Advantages of double PE film


significant energy savings: savings reach 25-40% of heating costs, so if multi-seasonal films are used, a really fast investment costs (in double PE film) return can be expected.

reduced risk of ground frosts: comparing facilities covered with single and double PE films, it can be observed that in case of latter ones temperature is higher of 3-7°C, minimizing the risk of ground frosts even for places without heating

extended film lifespan: an indoor film, that has a contact with facility's construction is not exposed to wind stresses, and the outdoor one, on the other hand, that protects it from wind is not exposed to local overheating or tearing on arches

long-term usage: most of the components required to fasten double PE film can be used multiple times, for long terms (apart from two layers of a film)

possibility to revitalize old greenhouses: double PE film, unlike single layer one, fits straight constructions really well (construction with no arches). Thanks to that old, significantly damaged greenhouses can be restored to full functionality by covering them with double PE films.




Disadvantages of double PE film

double light loss: applying double PE film creates also double barrier for a light. That is why it's not recommended for highly photophilous crops, while for all the others we advise to apply a film with highest light transmission possible (we suggest discussing that with film producers or sellers, suggested transmission is 88-91%). This requirement means in practice that the cheapest films should not be used for this purpose.






Two layers of the film should be fastened at the facility with use of universal aluminium clip or its equivalent.

Films should be spread evenly, but they cannot be stretched as in case of covering with a single layer film.

Remaining components of a pumping system: fans, grommets, flexible hoses and optional-supply collector (recommended for bigger facilities). We recommend mounting of those possibly quickly after facility covering in order to minimize the risk of damage on not-stretched film.



Bigger facilities

In case of bigger facilities and key facilities (valuable crops) we recommend using a system based on at least 2 fans. In this way any potential fan's malfunction will not result in rapid energy demand and in the same way will protect the crop from thermal shock.



Note: Pay attention to keep the proper pressure values between layers:

• too low pressure results increased mechanical wear of a outer film

• too high pressure (possible in case of usage of untested, improper fans) can result of outer or inner film tearing

• the correct pressure is one that ensures film tension similar to, or slightly smaller than the one of single layer films.