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Double PE film pumping system components

Double PE film becomes more and more popular, especially for gardening producers for whom heating costs are substantial ones. Depending on volume and type of gardening tunnel, applying double PE film allows reducing heating costs of 25-40%.




  • Two agricultural/gardening films, possibly of high quality
  • Fans/fans for double PE film
  • Timer or pressure controller
  • Universal aluminium clips for double PE film fastening
  • Flexible hoses





Wentylator do pompowania podwójnej foliiOcynkowany wentylator do pompowania folii

Double PE film fans with long, 5-years warranty (not applicable for accessories


You can chose from version with plastic housing and galvanized steel housing.


Fans with professional back valve mounted in (protects from pressure losses between films while fans are off).


Fans with maximum pressure safe for a film- even continuous work will not damage agricultural or gardening films.





Fans' efficiency

One fan allows pumping of an object of up to 250-300m2.


For bigger facilities we recommend correspondingly greater number of fans.

This solution is a bit more expensive than using a fan of higher efficiency (on request); however it provides higher system (in case of one of the fans malfunction others are still working).

At this point we would like to emphasize that security is a key factor here: energy demand in a facility with a one-fan system, in case of the fan's breakdown, can increase even of >50% in a very short time. When the breakdown takes place at night or while no supervision, the heating system itself, due to system settings, may not be able to release enough energy.






• fan type centrifugal
• motor 58W, 2.500 rpm, single-phase motor
• housing material galvanized steel or plastic
• weight 3 kg
• warranty fan 5 years, accessories 1 year


There is a 75mm sewage tip mounted on the fan's outlet, in order to allow further system extension based on commercially available sewage pipework. In the simplest example, it is enough to attach the provided reduction 75x50 to plug an elastic hose in. In case when more outlets are required, a collector can be built in an inexpensive way with use of sewage 75x50 reducing tees or increase the number of outlets (tees are not provided).




Double PE film fan's controller


sterownik czasowkowy


We offer fan's timers.

Locked in an waterproof housing (high ingress protection IP66), with industrial timer and fuse. Work and break time regulation.

Due to security reasons we recommend to use timers and not pressure controllers (in case of strong and long wind blows, especially during spring and autumn, pressure controller receives signals on increased pressure between films from sensors, what results in turning off the fans at the time when pumping is really required).

We offer easier for mounting pressure controllers on request.




Film grommet

A component necessary for attaching of elastic hose from a fan (or collector) to a film.

przelotka do folii pompowanej    STANDARD GROMMET       

przelotka premiumcennik

przelotka-z-zaworem    GROMMET WITH A BACK VALVE  


Elastic hose

folie rolnicze wąż


Component required for attaching a film with a fan (or collector) through a grommet.




Fastening clips


See film montage systems.