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Corrosion resistant disc humidifier UX56


Complete solution for gardening, agricultural and industrial environments, suggested for difficult conditions and required high efficiency.




High efficiency, single-phase supply

Stainless steel housing

• Water dispersion with use of fast-rotating disc 

• No issues with clogging of nozzles

Low installation and maintenance costs

Simple adjustment of efficiency (ball valve)

• High resistance to emergency dry running

• Low-pressure system: humidifier takes water from its own container, to which flow is regulated with float valve

This means total independence of work and efficiency from supply water pressure.





• Fan's efficiency: 6,500m3/h
• Humidifier's efficiency: 15-40 l/h
• Weight: 15kg
• Humidifier's engine power 300W
• Humidifier's engine speed 2,900rpm
• Pump's engine power 14W
• Fan's engine power 390W
• Fan's engine speed 865






• A: 800mm
• B: 600mm
• C: O 564mm