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Film montage systems

Geo Polska is the biggest provider and manufacturer of film montage systems on the Polish market.

Thanks to over 10 years of experience and offering based on the best suppliers we can provide you with products for various purposes, fulfilling different requirements what allow you to fasten films in an economical way, no matter of technical requirements or facility type.


We encourage you to check our offering and select proper montage system according to our recommendations. 
We are always happy to assist you - call us at (0048) 606 38 58 33.


Our offer can be divided to:

  • film montage clips
  • film hoops


In case of any doubts please call us.



Klipsy mocujące folię








Listwa stalowa samonośna do mocowania folii


Stalowa listwa uniwersalna do mocowania folii

Aluminiowa listwa uniwersalna do mocowania folii




listwa podwojna_mala




Listwa stalowa sprężynowa do mocowania pojedynczej folii