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Film hoops

Simple and inexpensive solution for fastening films directly to the tunnel's pipes. klipsy do mocowania foliiFilm hoops are available for pipes of diameters: ½”, ¾”and 1”.
Made of highly UV-stabilized plastic are resistant to high and low temperatures.



Film hoops for single and double layer films on straight sections and curves. Excellent fastening on front and back ends as well as side and roof vents.




Klips B 1"

Hoops advantages

  • versatility: for straight sections and curves, for single and double layer film, for pumped film
  • durability: offered hoops are designed for outdoor film fastening, not as energy screen fastening elements
  • moderate ability to correct film: using hoops allows to amend incorrectly mounted film or re-straining of stretched film, however it should not be made to often (each removal results in elasticity reduction)
  • confirmed fastening: hoops are widely used for film fastening on simple facilities in southern countries. Thanks to that we can be sure of material stabilization and quality (smaller UV load in our climate).



klipsy do mocowania

Hoops length

  • hoop 1" and 1/2": 15cm
  • hoop 1” B (for smaller loads) 10cm
  • hoop 3/4": 4cm
  • hoop ½” and ¾” B (for smaller loads) 8cm



Recommended quantity for 1m pipe

  • hoop 1" i 1/2": 4-5 pieces/m
  • hoop 3/4": 20 pieces/m, hoop 3/4" B: 10 pieces/m


For applications that do not cause high film stresses (film fastening to facility's door, fastening of energy screen) you can place hoops less frequently.


Note: Hoops are easier to fasten after warming up in hot water.




We recommend heating up hoops in hot water. Put the film directly on the pipe you would like to fasten it to and fix the hoops. It is the easiest to start fixing hoops from one side stretching them gently (it is very difficult to start fixing hoops directly from the front).


In order to fulfill requirements of high strength and wind resistance hoops are very rigid. That is why we suggest avoiding to remove and mount them back multiple times.




Hoops should be removed from a pipe starting from one side.

Note: We recommend checking hoops' elasticity and fixing strength during film replacement. We suggest replacing hoops after 5 years of use. In case of film replacement in less than 5 years we recommend purchasing additional hoops and set smaller distances between hoops (alternately mounting old and new ones).