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Mats, nets and groundcover


Capillary mats are used in gardening for cushioning of tables, benches and other greenhouse or tunnel surfaces that are used for potted or ground plants production.

Capillary mat can replace, so far used, natural peat or ground bark soils.

Another potential use is to use the mats as substrates for growing plants in the full development cycle in hydroponic cultures (eg . tomato).


Advantages of capillary mats usage:

  • excellent distribution of water on the surface ,
  • facilitated establishment and liquidation of cultivation,

  • ensures adequate moisture for plants,

  • acceleration of cultivation, ie . the achievement of commercial value,

  • increased plant health and hygiene in a greenhouse or tunnel

  • long life

  • water saving



Shading nets which are aimed at reducing solar radiation.


They have a wide -scale use in gardening, nursery and forestry, inter alia, to protect plants from frost or wind.

They are also used as cover for recreational areas and sports facilities.


Main advantages: 

  • protection from excessive sunlight in greenhouses and tunnels,

  •  crops shading.


Depending on the density and type of weave, we can offer shading and energy screen system of varying degree of shading and strength.



Groundcover fabrics facilitating the production process and significantly reducing its cost.


 Advantages of groundcover fabrics:  

  • increase soil temperature,

  • stop weeds growth, 

  • they are not rotting in contact with water,

  • good permeability to water and air.