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Capillary mats

We offer capillary mats produced by Belgian company La Zeloise.


La Zeloise capillary mat




  • weight 350 g/m2
  • water content 4.5l/m2



widths (cm, +/- 1-2%)

- 50

- 70

- 80

- 100

- 120

- 125

- 140

- 150

- 160

- 185

- 200


roll's length 40 m





Capillary mats can be used in gardening for tables, benched and other surfaces cushioning in greenhouses and in tunnels for potted and ground plants production (during seedling phase or next life stages).

Capillary mat can replace, so far used, natural peat or ground bark soils. It is also recommnded to be used at shops and gardening centres at commercial tables with plants exhibition.


To protect mat against the growth of algae, it should be covered from the top with a thin black film with micro perforation.