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Windbreak nets

We offer wide range of windbreak nets of Greek and Italian production.   

    siatka przeciw wiatrowa             przeciwwiatrowa


Windbreak nets

Anti-hail nets with reinforced edges and increased weight are an excellent protection from wind.

They are used in agriculture and fruit-growing for protection of seedlings, fruits, trees or whole harvests from wind damages.

Too strong wind can reduce pollination, cause branches to break, damage leaves or fruits.

Nets also reduce plants drying caused by strong wind gusts.


roll length: 100 m (+/- 2%)

width: 2, 3m

mesh size: 7,1x 1,6mm

UV stabilization: 500Kly - 5-6 years        

weight: 70g/m2

reinforced edge

100% PE

przeciwwiatrowa 70g

   pprzeciwwiatrowa 70g