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Mulching film's quality


The most important quality factors for mulching film are:




This parameter defines quantity and quality of PE stabilizing agents against UV radiation degradation.
Our mulching films, no matter how thick, are stabilized in a way that ensures 12 months warranty.





The parameter describes how much light hitting the film will be reflected.

This factor is very important for mulching films' efficiency.

Thanks to high reflection more light becomes available for cultivation.

The film must be of course new, and clean.


Due to light reflection and phytosanitary conditions we recommend to replace the film on a yearly basis.





The parameter defines percent stretch that will cause tear.

Films of high elasticity are much more resistant to damage and puncture on uneven surface.

Elastic film will 'enclose' clod of ground or pebble stepping out of the field, will become thinner in this spot but will not be punctured.
Our mulching films have elasticity factor around 500%.





This parameter is connected with elasticity, it additionally takes into consideration the force that is necessary to tear a film. 
The higher tear resistance, the better will film respond to walking on it, moving object over it and other actions that can lead to tearing.




In general: the higher quality of raw materials, that film is made of and the thicker it is, the higher (usually) puncture resistance. 
When it comes to mulching films, that are characterized by a high elasticity, this parameter is not such a high importance.






None of the parameters that describe mulching films, apart from puncture resistance, depend on film's thickness.


It is true especially in regards to:
• stabilization
• light reflection
• elasticity


This can bring us to the conclusion that in case of mulching films, there are actually two parameters that determine film's quality - quality of raw materials and quality of additives.
The way these two elements are being used during production, depends mainly on technical possibilities and experience of manufacturer.