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Multiwall polycarbonate

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are increasingly used for gardening modernization, especially as a material to replace glass on front and back end, vents and door of facilities.




modernizacje ogrodnictw


In many cases material can replace glass (on tunnel and greenhouses front and back end, vents).
Most often used are sheets of 4, 6, and 8mm thickness.


We recommend purchasing sheets of 4 or 6mm thickness, depending on sashes' density (or other support), for vertical mounting (e.g. facilities' front and back end).


We recommend purchasing sheets of 6 or 8mm thickness, depending on sashes' density (or other support), for horizontal or inclined mounting (e.g. new vents and modernization of old ones, where glass is being replaced with polycarbonate).


We suggest you to contact us at 0048 606 38 58 33 for advice on the thickness and mechanical strength of a sheet.






  • 250-times higher resistance to cracks or crash due to hitting than of a glass 
  • light transmission around 79%-82% 
  • thanks to multiwall construction they are characterized by very good thermo-insulating properties 
  • it is light-weight, can be easily processed with use of a simple metal saw 
  • it allows aesthetic finish of facilities - modernization of gardening
  • simple assembly, usually with use of roofing screws in case of gardening facilities 
  • 10 years warranty, service life around 20 years.






Polycarbonate is delivered as ready sheets of 2.1x6m dimensions (free shipping from 3 sheets) or we offer sheets cut to desired length (from sheet of 6m length, shipping costs to be agreed).


Before ordering, please contact us for current pricing.







  • solid and vapour-permeable tapes used for polycarbonate sheets protection 


  • H polycarbonate profiles used for aesthetic and stable connecting of sheets