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We offer groundcovers of our brand GeoTerra.



GeoTerra grondcovers


11czarno czarna zielona krata 100gr mini  


Weight: 100 g/m2 (+/- 5%)
Colours and patterns: black with green checkerd pattern of 15 cm sides
Stabilisation: ~ 5 years
Water permeability: 20 l/m2 per second
Tensile strength: 13-16 kN/m
Elongation: 13-17%

 GeoTerra tkaninakora mini  


Widths (cm, +/- 1-2%)
60, 85, 105, 130, 165, 210, 330, 420, 525 cm

Roll length

100 lm, 250 lm (+/- 2%), or custom-cut 

Cut on demand  ciecie1 


Groundcover’ s advantages:

  • Stops the growth of weeds,
  • Has a great water and air permeability,
  • Raises soil temperature,
  • Doesn’t rot in contact with water.




Black groundcover
Most commonly used as an atiweed for container cultivation in nurseries, for ground covering of small greenhouses and tunnels.
The black textile is used for soft fruit production (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry etc.).

White groundcover
Is used in flower production (rose, gerbera, anthurium), vegetables and soft fruits under covers.
The main task of a white textile is to reflect sunlight and to increase plant growth.

Brown groundcover
Just as the black groundcover, the brown one is used for weeds mulching.
It is widely used for establishing gardens or urban greenery (in case of bark loss on flower beds, clearances are not visible).

Green groundcover
Similarly to brown one, is usually used in gardens, squares or urban greenery.