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Electric gearboxes

We would like to offer you specialized gearboxes, produced by among others Italian manufacturer VIALE SISTEMI.
Gearboxes can be used to construct roof vents, side vents, vent systems and as shading systems gearboxes. They can be applied in both greenhouses and film tunnels.
Thanks to good protection against moisture and ability to work under difficult operational conditions (dust etc.) they can also be applied at gardening facilities and machines.

All gearboxes offered have limit switches built in.

The choice depends on vent's length and weight, also on facility type.




Thanks to low outlet RPM and high torque, it is recommended for use during constructing or modernization of heavy greenhouse vents. Recommended everywhere, where vents are automatically controlled (for automated control it is better to use slow gearboxes, like both DVF types).

Built-in limit switch.


Technical parametersDVF 100 (faster but weaker version)DVF 200 (more powerful but slower version)
Motor 0,37kW 0,55kW
Outlet RPM 2,5 rpm 1,9 rpm
Torque 220Nm 600Nm
Ingress protection IP55 IP55
Roller's diameter 27mm (for 1" pipe) 27mm (for 1" pipe)


Versions with more powerful motors are available on request (used very rarely for gardening solutions, rather for specialized industrial applications such as sewage sludge drying facilities).






Recommended application: roof and rolling vents, smaller greenhouses (up to approx. 40m of vent's length), shading systems.
Recommended everywhere, where vents are manually controlled (higher outlet RPM mean shorter waiting time for given vents).
Built-in limit switch.


Technical parametersPR1 gearbox
Motor 0.37kW
Outlet RPM 8 rpm
Torque 160Nm
Ingress protection IP55
Roll's diameter 27mm (for 1" pipe)


silnik pr2




Technical parametersPR3 gearbox
Motor 0.25kW
Outlet RPM 2.8 rpm
Torque 290 Nm
Ingress protection IP55

naped pr4



Technical parametersGMD gearbox
Motor 0.37kW-320V
Outlet RPM 3.7 rpm
Torque 260 Nm
Ingress protection IP55



 Chain clutches of electric gearboxes



Model R8 On request (only above 50pcs) transmission rates 1:8 and 1:32 for version with crank or connector

Model R8/R16 EKO  transmission ration 1:8 and 1:16



Model R16 Manual gardening transmissions resistant to weather conditions with transmission ratio 1:16.

Excellent aluminium, cast housing, high mechanical resistance, self-locking transmission, with ball bearings inside.

Recommended application: roof vents, rolling vents, simple shading systems.

Versions with crank or connector (to be selected, depending on mounting spot).

Transmission ratios 1:8 and 1:32 on request.



Model R20/R40 transmission ratio 1:20 and 1:40
Application: for each type of a greenhouse or poultry production, for heavy windows and sliding systems.



Model R32  transmission ratio 1:32

Cross transmissions

Model 11: transmission ratio 1inlet / 1outlet 1:1

Model 12: transmission ratio 1inlet / 2outlet 1:1

Model 22: transmission ratio 2inlet / 2outlet 1:1.5


Angular transmissions 



Manual gearbox for rolling vent KANKIT 104





Ready manual self-locking gearbox for constructing side rolling vent.

For some types of low buildings it can be used for constructing roof rolling vent.




Technical parametersKankit 104

Transmission ratio:


Max torque:




Max vent length:


Rolling pipe diameter:

1”, 3” (adapter),

1” (one needs to make an adapter from 3” pipe)






Set consists of ready transmission with 1" or 3" pipe outlet.


To construct the vent, you need to:


kankit        kankit


1. Mount a film in a way that enables rolling from on its bottom part. We recommend using for this purpose aluminium film montage clip at the upper side of a vent.
Due to bidirectional work character of a clip, we do not recommend here clips for single layer films montage.


2. Mount firmly a film on vent's bottom part. You can hand a film on a stretched wire or fasten it to the clip. We recommend using steel or aluminium clip for single layer films. 
This step is crucial for vent's functionality: side vent opening to the facilities ground level causes local crop drying and issues with maintaining a proper temperature in the facility (there are different conditions for cultivation near the vent and inside the building).


3. Firmly mount additional vertical 1" guide pipe at the facilities roof. Guide pipe should be mounted in 30-50cm from the object's top.


4. Mount transmission to the guiding pipe; mount the vent's film to the longitudinal vent's pipe (1” or 3/4”).

We recommend film montage hoops for this purpose (separately on our offer).



5. You can ensure necessary vent's stabilization with use of: rubber stretchers (in the picture), additional pipes or guide flat bars fixed on the outside of the facility or by using shading net (mounting similar to rubber stretchers).


6. In order to ensure tightness, we recommend leaving of two first spans from the tops covered with a film. It will allow you to avoid problems with temperature losses by the vent from the top (as in the picture).




Materials necessary for constructing a vent:
- Manual vent's transmission 
- Film montage clips (see film montage systems)
- Film hoops (see film montage systems)
- 1/2, 3/4 or 1” pipe (for longer vents we recommend 1”)


  Manual gearbox for rolling vent, for difficult to reach areas



Ready manual self-locking gearbox for side rolling vent.


To be applied in areas where due to difficult access (for example placed high ventilating point) there is no possibility to apply KANKIT 104 transmission.


The gearbox construction allows extending a crank with use of ½” pipe (not provided in the set).


Technical data:

  • Transmission ratio: 1:4

  • Max torque35Nm

  • Max length of a vent: 100m

  • Diameter of rolling pipe: ½”, ¾” (adapter), 1” (you need to make an adapter from ¾” pipe)


  Telescopic cardan shaft


Working lengths: 580/800 up to 2200/3200mm
Ability to work up to 450

   Electric gearbox of 24V rolling vent



naped 24



  • Side rolling vents 
  • Top vents 
  • Small windows (with use of racks) 
  • Rolling roof vents 
  • Doors 



           • Weather conditions resistance

           • Application both inside and outside the facility

           • double endings (max 42 RPM)

           • Useful ending for 3” and 1” pipes



              Technical data: 

           • Motor 24V DC, max 4A

           • Outlet RPM 3.9 rpm

           • Torque 52Nm

           • Transmission 1:800

           • Max. RPM number 42



24V gearbox controller 


We offer professional 24V gearbox controller. Device based on industrial automation components.


sterowniknapedu24 sterowniknapedu24a


24V gearbox creeper


Together with a gearbox we offer excellent quality lead creeper.
It is the best to use galvanized ½” pipe as a guide pipe.